How to Create a tree view

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In this blog-post, you will learn how to create a Tree View in an Odoo 8 module.

What is Tree View in Odoo?

  • Tree View also known as List View shows multiple records in the form of a list (rows and columns).
  • Each row represents a record of the database table.
  • Tree View is used to show important data, i.e only some important columns of the model/table.
  • You can do various operations on Tree view that is sorting, filter and group by.


Example of a Tree View :-

Earlier in my previous blog-post, I had created a Model to collect student’s information. Then I had created its From View. Now I will create a Tree View for the student model.

Code for creating a Tree View:

Steps for creating Tree View in Odoo:

  • All views are stored in the database, in the ir.model.view model. To add a view in a module, we declare an <record> element describing the view in an XML file that will be loaded into the database when the module is installed.
  • The root element of a Tree View is <tree>
  • Now inside tree tag define all the important fields that you want to add to the tree view.

SnapShot of Eclipse IDE:-

tree view odoo module
Tree view odoo module – Click to enlarge
tree view odoo module
tree view odoo module – Click to enlarge

Hope you learnt how to create a Tree View in Odoo module, your reviews/comments/suggestions/doubts are most welcomed, please comment in the section below, and subscribe to the newsletter to receive timely future updates of this blog.

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