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Learn – Overriding default_get method in Odoo 8 with Example

Overriding default_get method

Greetings Everyone, in this blog-post you will learn how to override default_get method in Odoo 8. The syntax of default_get is: default_get(fields) → default_values Return default values for the fields in fields_list. Default values are determined by the context, user defaults, and the model itself. Parameters: fields_list – a list of field names Returns: a […]


Learn: Overriding Write Method in Odoo 8

override write method odoo 8

Greetings everyone, in this blog-post, you will learn how to override write method in Odoo 8. The write method for a particular model  can be called by clicking the ‘Edit’ & followed by ‘Save’ button in the view of that model. Here i have overridden the write method of res.users model. You can override the write method […]

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